Admission Procedure



  • Only pupils who complete 5 ½ years before 15th June of the academic year can be admitted to Std I and progressively to other standards.
  • The Original Birth Certificate is essential for admission to Std I. No student is deemed admitted without fulfilling this norm.
  • Pupils cannot be admitted to Std II and upward without Leaving Certificate from the last school attended and if from a State other than Maharashtra, the Leaving Certificate should be duly signed by the Education Office of the Division in which that school is situated.
  • Any pupil who desires to join the school fresh from home or from an unrecognized school must produce the official Birth Certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form. Such pupils are subjected to an entrance examination held at the beginning of the academic year and admitted, subject to the approval of the Dept. Of Education.
  • Application for Nursery, KG, Std I and above are accepted from January 1st onwards. Parents / Guardians must accompany the child / ward at the time of admission. (Pupils applying for admission to higher classes are, as a rule, subjected to a competitive entrance test).
  • Incase seeking admission to Std II and onwards, your child will have to appear at a written test and interview.
  • Admission will be granted on your child’s satisfactory performance at the written test and interview.
  • Parents seeking admission to Nursery, Jr. K.G. Sr. K.G and Std I must produce a true copy of the birth certificate only after the admission is granted.
  • Parents seeking admission to Std II to Std X must produce true copies of the mark sheets. They should produce L.C. only if the admission is granted.

A merit list based on the percentage of marks will be put up on the College Notice Board, interested students will promptly pay the requisite amount and get their admission confirmed. If a student fails to avail himself / herself of the chance within three days from the date of display of the merit list, the claim of admission will be forfeited and the seat will be given to the next candidate. Admission forms incomplete in any respect will not be entertained. No admission will deemed secured until all the prescribed dues are paid up. Fees once paid will, on no account, be refunded. Admission to the First Year is valid, only till the end of the academic session. The admission will have to be renewed the next year. Renewal of admission will be subject to the passing of the First Year Exams and the decent and disciplined BEHAVIOUR of the student.

Students who have passed the S.S.C (STD X) examination of the Maharashtra Board with the requisite subjects are eligible to apply for admission to Std XI in the Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science, depending on the stream selected by them. If he / she has secured a minimum cut off percentage of marks prescribed by Mahatma Junior College, for a particular stream, admission will be granted on merit. However, being a Linguistic Minority Institution, the college has a right to use its discretionary power within the jurisdiction of law. The students who have passed equivalent exams from the Boards outside the state of Maharashtra will be required to obtain eligibility certificate from Mumbai Division Board.

Students seeking admission to the college will be required to collect the Application forms available in the college office, just on the day following the declaration of the S.S.C result and submit the same, duly filled in all details, within three days of the college office.

Students who have passed the S.S.C (STD X) examination of the Maharashtra Board with the requisite subjects are eligible to apply for admission to Std XI in the Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science, depending on the stream selected by them.

Mahatma School of Academics & Sports and Junior College of Arts, Commerce and Science impart instruction in the following subjects in Standards XI and XII.

No student can opt for I.T. unless he / she has secured 85% ( Minimum), subject to availability of the seat. I.T. can be opted only in lieu of Hindi / Marathi.


  • English ( Compulsory)
  • Marathi OR Hindi OR IT ( Any One)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Economics


  • English (Compulsory)
  • Marathi OR Hindi OR IT ( Any One)
  • Economics
  • Book – Keeping and Accountancy
  • Organisation of Commerce
  • Secretarial Practice OR Mathematics and Statistics ( Any One)


  • English (Compulsory)
  • Marathi OR Hindi OR IT ( Any One)
  • Physics (Compulsory)
  • Chemistry (Compulsory)
  • Biology OR Geography ( Any One)
  • Mathematics and Statistics OR Geography ( Any One)


  • Application form duly filled.
  • Attested copy of Mark Sheet.
  • Original Leaving Certificate with an Attested Copy.
  • Photograph of the Student (Black and White)
  • Provisional Eligibility. ( Only for Candidates from outside the State of Maharashtra)