Evaluation Method


Evaluation of a Child’s Progress and Promotion

As per the government’s order, every child, irrespective of his / her academic progress shall be promoted to the next class till Std. VIII. However, his academic progress shall be evaluated by the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation method (CCE) introduced by the Department of Education.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Method

  1. The progress of every child in every subject shall be noted down in each semester.
  2. Minimum two leaves of paper shall be devoted for writing the remarks for every child in each semester.
  3. While noting down the progress of a child in a particular subject, the teacher shall keep in mind the devices adopted by him/her for the evaluation in that subject.

For ex. For Art subjects, if the teacher adopts the devices such as Practical’s / Experiment / Project / Activity / Daily Observation / Orals, etc., he/she shall take note of the responses while entering the remarks.

While giving practical test in Art subjects, the teacher shall note what deserves special mention.

What are the difficulties faced by students, what is the nature of participation and what is novel about it.

While making daily observation, the teacher shall note the specialties originality in activity, use of one’s imagination, efforts taken to complete the project making use of the available resources and the order of completing different activities.

While taking oral work the teacher shall note how the students made use of their imagination, what difficulties came in their way of doing the activity, how they tried to overcome them, and in which order the activities were conducted.

  1. The remarkable progress of the child as well as the academic deficiencies will be noted down.
  2. The remarkable or meritorious performance of the child shall be acknowledged and the same shall be publicly appreciated.
  3. After collecting the different evaluation reports and classifying them as per their achievements, appropriate remedial/supplementary measures shall be adopted to remove their academic shortcomings.

Collective guidance, Group activity, Individual guidance, Practice Session.